Providing Quality Services at Affordable Prices for Online Marketers, Coaches, Authors, and Small Business Owners

Building relationships with prospects and customers is central for a thriving and successful business in today’s crowded online marketing arena. That’s why having well-designed and seamlessly executed automation is an essential element for every flourishing enterprise.

Yet, in the midst of the automation, you want your authentic voice and message to come through loud and clear to your audience. That’s what grows a following of loyal customers. Therefore, creating a customized system that skillfully communicates to the various segments of your audience and frees you from tech and turmoil is essential to your growth, your success, and your peace of mind.

You accomplish that with a team of experienced marketers, technical consultants, and behind-the-scene worker-bees to deliver to your followers. Your team is all about supporting your and helping you realize the goals, hopes, and dreams you have for your business.


How We Can Help You

Plug Into Infusionsoft

Let our experienced team develop and maintain all the systems, tools and reports you need.

Consistent Customer Contact

Work with us to develop your newsletters and messages so you stay in front of your customers and prospects.

Evergreen Automation

Organize your prospects and customers for specific marketing campaigns.

Robust Sales Experience

Receive alerts when a prospect is ready to take action.

Client Care

Develop relationships with dynamic and personalize follow-up funnels.

Your Right Hand Service

Let us work with you to develop a well-oiled and dynamic contact and marketing machine where we serve and you prosper.


Infused for Success was designed from the ground up keeping small business owners, authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs in mind. We know that service, collaboration, and quality work at an affordable price is a perfect recipe for success. We serve clients in the United States, Canada, and around the world.  We are committed to excellence, timely service, and consistent communication with our clients.

Susan Gregory

Susan Gregory is a successful business owner, best-selling author, and marketing strategist. She comes from the advertising industry where she managed teams providing a myriad of services to businesses ranging from large corporations to small enterprises. Her mix of creativity, management skills, and using technology for marketing success has served her businesses and many others. She understands the amazing potential of using Infusionsoft to grow and maintain profitable businesses, but also knows that many users miss out because they don’t know how or don’t have the time and money to implement program. That’s why she sees Infused for Success as a first-rate choice by providing excellent service at affordable prices in a timely manner.

Usman Khalid

Usman Khalid is an experienced programmer and marketing strategist specializing in Infusionsoft applications. His experience of serving hundreds of Infusionsoft users, mixed with his abilities to develop creative solutions, has given Usman rare abilities as a service provider for small business owners and entrepreneurs. His skill in integrating various applications to work seamlessly with your Infusionsoft account results in a reassuring and professional customer experience.  Working with so many Infusionsoft users allows Usman to keep his hand on the pulse of the latest trends and opportunities available using Infusionsoft and combined with other various technology solutions.

Our Team of Providers

Infusionsoft Specialists

Graphic Designers

Virtual Assistants

Website Designers

Data Entry


We take the confusion out of Infusionsoft!

Infused for Success is dedicated to coming alongside entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches, authors, medical professionals, and other service providers to help you and your business succeed. We work with you to develop streamlined and automated systems and communications with your prospects and clients. We assess your needs and develop and integrate the various technology applications so everything works together seamlessly for simple access and retrieval.

What we can do for you

Infusionsoft is like a powerful racecar ready to rev up automated success and personalized interaction with your prospects and clients. Yet, so many users are driving the service more like a cheap economy car! Why? Because your gifts and strengths are not the mechanics under the hood! Instead, you are the driver eager and ready to take your business into sustainable success and profits.   What’s the solution? You do what you do best . . . and we’ll support you with what we do best. Let us be your team of mechanics keeping your Infusionsoft marketing vehicle running smoothly, efficiently, and affordably!

Infusionsoft Support Team

You can have your very own Infusionsoft experts available to meet your business needs on an ongoing basis. As your team, we will learn about your specific needs and goals. We’ll develop and implement solutions you can depend upon. And it will all happen almost effortlessly from you! Hand us your headaches . . . and we will return to you automated solutions to serve you and your business.

  • Organize your customers and prospects to provide personalized communications
  • Develop follow-up campaigns to consistently stay in touch with your audience
  • Integrate your website, ecommerce, LeadPages and other applications with Infusionsoft
  • Establish your ecommerce store for online sales
  • Create reports for management and to alert you of future opportunities
  • Generate alerts for when a prospect or customer is ready to take action
  • List cleaning and maintenance

Virtual Assistants

One of the biggest challenges of small business owners and entrepreneurs is that you often have to wear so many hats! The number of details and schedules you have to manage are often overwhelming and exhausting. We get it! And we know how to help. We will match you and your needs with a member of our virtual assistant experts to become your support. They can manage your projects, your appointments, your marketing calendar, and much more. Our virtual assistants don’t only fulfill the requests you plan. We also offer advice and creative solutions and initiatives to help you and business to become more streamlined and successful. We want you to depend on your virtual assistant as a vital and reliable member of your team.

  • Scheduling
  • Web maintenance
  • Social media posting
  • Calendar creation
  • Client follow-up
  • Client onboarding

Specialized Services

Your business is unique. And you will have specialized needs that need expert attention. Are you a coach that needs an onboarding system so your new client feels cared for and secure? Are you an author who wants to launch your book for maximum exposure, increased sales, and list building? Are you a marketer who wants to offer a membership program or short courses and need help developing the site and the automated systems? The list of opportunities is endless. We can work with you to meet your unique needs. Let us provide the design and technical expertise while you do what you do best by providing the content and making the sales.

  • Website design and development
  • Graphic service
  • Create membership sites and systems
  • Design and implement complex funnels and follow-up systems
  • Book launches
  • Short course sites and systems
  • Product launches
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales funnels

Business Coaching

Do you have a strategic plan for your business? Have you created your rolling promotional calendar? Do these questions make your head spin? Let us help you develop your plan by working with our team of experts to design your blueprint for success along with a detailed plan with strategies, schedules, budgets, and implementation lists.

  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing strategy design
  • Product creation
  • List building
  • Team building
  • Mindset and Motivation